Friday, January 30, 2009

What they all mean, and what it means to us

Okay, now to explain. 

PSSC stands for  "Passenger Ship Safety Certificate"

Now in order for a ship like LogosHope, which contains lots of sailing passengers, ( ie : mua ), to sail in the great oceans, she needs a PSSC. Other ships that would need a PSSC would be Cruise ships, or certain sorts of ferries. Container ships, however, do not need a PSSC. 

The Doulos has been getting its PSSC for 10s of years ( since the beginning of its ministry ) with no problem, and the Logos & Logos II before their decomissioning had it renewed year after year, but for LogosHope, it's been a long journey in attaining and preparing this ship. So much has been done, but still there's more. Thousands of items ( probably ) have been ticked off the To-Do list, but there's still the odd 100. But then this is life for us on the LogosHope, now. 

We want to sail, but :
1) We need the PSSC ( and the other OTHER documents & permissions : ISPS, ISPM, Insurance for Sailing ( now we have Port Insurance only.. ) etc ) 
2) Are we ready? ( as in physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually?) 

The PSSC checks the readiness of the vessel, but God checks the contents and intent of the heart.  I have been thinking that THAT is the key. All this other things should be nothing to God. As long as the heart be ready, then there will be the breakthrough, and we can finally move on to the next season of ministry. 

I hope to be here when that happens. I hope we as a ship company, grow up. 
Then there will be much pomp and circumstance. 
Not just here on LogosHope, not just throughout OM ( Operation Mobilisation ), but I'm sure up there in the heavenlies as well.
A thought : if we were a TV drama series, it would've been exciting if we finally moved on already! Episode 235 : Life in Koge, Day#202 )  heh. 

This past week the Surveyor's from Lloyd's have been walking around all day long, in their workmen suits checking and rechecking every nook and cranny, every connection, every hole. Firedoors, fire dampers, lights, water - everything. They have been very critical, and very thorough -and it think that would be necessary. 

The crew are anticipating our departure from this town, finally. But we'll still have to see. Apparently when they first got here, they thought that they could sail right off, I think it's been almost a year now - and still - we are anchored at this port. A good port, and much has been done in partnership with the local churches here -- but a lot of people, joining a "ship" ministry - would undeniably, like to sail. Interestingly, a fair number don't really care anymore - and have resorted to what the Filipinos say, "Bahala, na" "Whatever will be, will be.". 
And I think we have to agree. "Man can plan, but it is God who decides". "For My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts higher than yours" 

So that's what's been happening. It's an important week, this. 
And we are hoping for nothing short of a miracle. 
The final report that came in said that it would be "humanly impossible" to get the certification, then the other documents, and then set sail on our target date February 10th, but we ARE believing and praying for divine intervention. 

And this God has been faithful. He has been Ebenezer. ( Hitherto, Thou has helped me )
He has done it so many times, He can do it again. 
I guess it also makes sense. 
That it has to be nothing short of a miracle to set this ship afloat and a-sailing-ho. 
And nothing short of a miracle for us to have the hope that we now have in Him. 
( lest we would think it is by our own strengths and capabilities .. ) 

Still - may His plan prevail. And may we be able trust the One who sees the bigger picture. 

So yea, pray for that - pray however you will. 
But as fellow supporters in this work, it is your right to know these things. 
And my responsibility to make sure you are aptly updated. 

Please, if anything just email me and I will gladly answer any questions you may have about the progress of this /ship/ my life on ship/ etc. 

Hugs to all, and thank you for your profoundly humbling support, prayers and love. 

-m - 

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