Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Okay, can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, so this will be a blurp.
Full story later!

PSSC is this week!
What that basically means is that the Surveyors are here to check and certify if the ship is fit for sailing. 
They are very thorough and critical, but that is so the vessel will be made fully ready. 

What I am more concern about is the readiness of the Crew, I believe that once we are ready, we can sail. All in God's timing. 

So yea, pray along. If we get our certification, target sail date is February 10th. But all depends on how the evaluation goes. So this week is critical, and we need prayer!

If we get it, Feb 10th will be the Logos Hope's maiden journey to missions since 4-5 years now. So you will be 'taking part' in something rather momentous, I'd say. 

I will keep you updated, of course. And more on that - I gotta rush off to work now. 

Please PRAY PRAY PRAY. Send a 'knee-mail', haha. I just learnt that from my ship brother, Sam. Knee-mail ( okay, corny Christian joke ) -- but it's true!

"The shortest distance from a problem to it's solution is the distance of our knees to the floor". A dear, dear friend once told me that, and I've always remembered ever since. Good stuff. 

More later! thanks all. 

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