Friday, January 23, 2009

About time, some pictures!

These were taken on my 2nd day here, but heh, I'm only uploading it now. Time!
Who's in it? the STEPper group for this time around.
Where? The small 'beach' area beside the ship dock. We also went into town but my camera went out of batt, so..

I think the pictures are nice - but it's only cos the air is nice and the colours are beautiful and the Panasonic Lumix is an amazing camera. :)


nwcx said...

I was wondering where in Malaysia can we get those sky. WE CAN'T!

.:mysh:. said...

nwcx - there are places, nwcx. Cyberjaya's sometimes got the best sunsets. Owh, and there's this place I know, at the tip of Borneo, just where the 'dog's ear' is.. amazing. :) Still - this was at the ship's 'backyard'. Hard to find this in our backyards.. heh.