Monday, January 5, 2009


Time : aroundish 11pm
Temperature : -9 degrees
Mode : zonked. 

I am so zonked. 
I didn't think I would suffer from jetlag - considering my not-so-conventional type of sleeping hours ( hey, I went to MMU! ;) ) but when you start getting like reaaally sleepy at 4pm in the evening and then go to bed at 9pm, wake up at 12.30am ( thinking it's morning already ) , 3.30am ( ALSO thinking it's morning already )  and then at 6am -- your body's REALLY trying to tell you something : it's freeekin confused. 

That, and the fact that it starts getting dark by 4pm around here. It is quite the morbid, the weather here. ( I also learned that there are 625 Danes who try to take their own lives in a year - that for the reportedly "Happiest Country in the world". Malaysia's rate is about 2700 a year
. But Denmark only has a population of 5.5million, Malaysia has 27million ) hmm.
I will have to write a FactSheet about Denmark. ( next post! )

We had Day 1 of Orientation Training today, which of course had to start at 7.30am. ( when it's still dark, and very very cold ) Sun rises about 8-9 around here. And you can literally see it rise over the horizon in some places here. Wait, I have a picture :

We also had our Safety Training and Tour today, which was done by two of the most comical and fun people I've met on ship so far : ( i thought the uniform/costume was cute, so.. ) 

Pippa (UK) & Angie (US) 

owh, they also checked our laptops and set our network abilities today. What that means is that me and my Mac can now get online from anywhere in the ship. Waaay cool eh? ( only for this port )
And I gotta say this, as the IT dude was sending out the computers he was like :
To dude#1 : "Okay, we had to install AVG for you cos the ..... does not work."
To girl #1 : "We found some Spyware on your computer, and cleaned that up for you."
And then, "And who's the lucky owner of the Mac?" ( me with sheepish grin ) - "Here, and of course it doesn't have any problems." :)

It's a fine, fine computer, this. 
More adventures later! So much to tell, but I am beyond zonked.


auds said...

Me me!! I'm a lucky owner of a Mac! :D
*hugz* you're safe and fine. and the best part is you're so gonna make a BIG difference where you are cause babe, you're a shining star!

take good care. Daddy has loads of plans for you.

.:mysh:. said...

auds - Yeaaaaargh~! :D
and you been doing a whole LOT of motivational talk no? hahaha. "you're a shining star!" whee. yes. I am. Cos I'm a Dinger. :)

Thanks, and He has for you too. I'm sure of that.
Take care!