Sunday, January 4, 2009

Checked in!

I'm here!
Reached at 7.55am local time and -2degrees Celcius.


More later, just suffice to say that "I have arrived"

oh btw it's 7 hours difference, 7 hours later than Malaysia.
So it's 7.59pm now, and very very dark.
( and cold)


Anonymous said...


put on the long johns underneath your clothes. they are prickly but also nice and snug :)

have a great goot time!:)


nwcx said...

first :P

was hoping for something a little more than the chronological & meteorological information about the place.

Haha, I guess that's what MORE later means.

.:mysh:. said...

Slimeball? heh. Yeay. Yesh the long johns are good! small and snug and fits well. Although -- I hear only Asians really use them? haha. Anyway, I like the long john top you lent me. Yay.

nwcx - competition? haha. yea I hope the MORE later has come by now. There's still so much more but when I get the time, yesh?