Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi

It's interesting how you do not realise how much you'll miss something until you actually have to miss it. 

It's the Lunar New Year again, and I think this will be the very first time I have not been with family. It's strange. 
Of course there's the other 'extended' Asian family here, but still. 

I miss family and home. 
It's true

It's also interesting how much more Asian and Chinese I feel now over here. 
I was just telling someone that somehow, the non-Chinese-ness of a place can sometimes bring out the Chinese-ness in someone. It certainly made me a whole lot more Chinese. I felt more Chinese last night than I prolly ever did. 
See? I even used the word Chinese more times in a paragraph than is healthy, or 'politically correct'.  

Again, strange. 

Anyway, what was initially planned out to be a nice quiet dinner gathering among Chinese & Koreans ( we both celebrate the exact same new year ) on board quickly turned into a great feast for the entire LogosHope ( and friends ) company. 

It was fun painting the 'town' red and helping to cook up a storm for the great Lunar New Year eve Dinner we had on board. We even got everyone to dress in bright colours ( red/orange ) or "if they had their chinese suits ( cheongsam et al ) they should wear them to dinner". 

And a great big feast it was! We had Korean "Bulgogi"( sliced beef ) and "Dung Pa Yuk" ( sweet pork ) with rice (courtesy of Korean "Chef" Paul Kim) mixed vegetables Chinese Style, and for a small table, some 'home-made' CharSiew ( courtesy of Malaysian "chef" Yen Yen ) . We even had mandarin oranges aplenty with red table clothes, and chinese new year songs for ambience-- - it certainly felt like the CNYs we all had back in Msia/ Singapore/ HK/ Canada/ Taiwan/ Australia. 

It was a good learning experience for the non-Chinese parts of the ship, and for the yellow-skinned people - it was a time of bonding, working together, and taking pride & finding identity in our culture and heritage. 

Pictures! :

Red Lanterns  Canggih, no? heh. 

Entrance to the Logos Hope Dining Hall, Chinese-ized ( or defaced? heh ) 
It almost looks as though you can order Chinese take-aways from here. 

AdHoc Deco Team : Taiwanese, Korean, Malaysian, Singaporean, Canadian, Australian 

AngPow! MikeHey ( Logos Hope Director ) giving Malaysians Ang Pow 
( courtesy of OM Malaysia, thank you very much! :) ) 

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

This is a politically correct sign. :) 

Happy New Year all!

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