Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome Birkedal!

Passion Groups are kinda like "co-curricular" activities. ( I mentioned them a little before here. ) 

Except that these co-curricular activities you do because you like to / want to, rather than being forced to. 
These will then be used to facilitate "telling stories", and build friendships - especially in places where language may be a barrier. 

And I guess it makes sense. We all have giftings and talents - and there are so many ways you can tell the same story, or help tell it. It makes sense to use and grow our talents and giftings draw people to the story of Hope. 

This here is one of the Passion groups I popped by a couple of Wednesdays ago, and I think I'll join during my short stint here. 

The Art Group! :) 

Oh Lookie, something's going on here : 

Everyone hard at work and not realising the lense pointing at them. 
Can you tell what it is yet? 

Okay NOW we've realised the lense.

And the funny faces naturally follow..

Smile everyone :) Do you see it yet? 

Yes, it's a Crocodile. 

And it's a crocodile simply because 'Birkedal' sounds like Crocodile. 
( Although.. this is a Danish place-name, and Koge is pronounced Kooehh,  so maybe it doesn't sound so Crocodile after all... )
PST stands for PreShipTraining. And every group of people that come into the ship for the 2 years global action programme have to go through a PST, and each batch is referred to by their PST ( ie : PST Birkedal, PST Koge, PST Kiel, PST Cuxhaven ) and etc. 
We're making this banner to welcome them, and they're arriving --- TOMORROW! 
2 days on board before they get shipped off to BirkedalCrocodile for their training. 

And - there're 2 Malaysian ladies that are coming. :) 
I think there's a total of 43 new crew coming in. 2 year commitment. 
I think they need prayer. :) heh. 

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