Friday, January 23, 2009

The pretty looking coin

Yes this is me and this my neck, and I am quite obviously Danish-ized. 

So I keep saying that this is my emergency coin, kinda like how in Tunas Puteri ( Girl Guides in Primary School ) you have to have 10cents in your flower badge for emergency phonecalls. Yes, we really DID do that. And I remember if they checked and we didn't have 10cents we would have to go through some kinda punishment - no kidding! 
But that was in the age where cellphones didn't exist and Public Pay Phones were still a necessity rather than 'monuments' of a time passed.. whoah, this brings back memories of the brown skirt and brown tie. Ah, so long ago. 15 years now? woot. 

This is just to show you what a Kronor would look like. 
And this 2 Danish Kronors ( also equivalent to RM1.40 ) will get you absolutely :.. 

nothing here. 

Okay here's to give you a 'picture'. 
7 kronors = 1 Euro = +/- RM5

A normal cup of coffee ( black, no cappuccino frappucino luxury )  here would be : 10 kr ( RM7 ) 
A pizza would cost about 60 kr ( RM42 )
A busride would cost a minimum of 12.5kr ( RM8.90 ) 
A Danish Hotdog ( the cheapest Danish 'street food' you'd find here ) is 22kr ( RM15.70 )
owh, and you know the McDonald's McVALUE meal? That'll set you back by 60kr ( a whopping RM42.85 )

okay, I know Coke's probably the best international comparison unit..  - I still don't know how much that costs here - I'll find out! :) 

YES, Denmark is a very VERY expensive place to live and be in. 
More expensive than Germany UK or a whole lot of other places, so it's quite unrealistic for a Malaysian ( on mission ) to really buy anything here. Nor do I really need to actually, I think. 

But there's a reason for the whole high cost of living thing - Danish citizens are taxed about 60%. Pretty crazy but that ensures that minimum wage is high and it keeps people out of the streets. The public policy here is great - exemplary even. Free education, free medical care, free a-lot-of-things. In fact, I think you get PAID to study. Which reminds me of Dennis, a Danish guy I met while working at BT. He got something like RM4k a month for studying at LKW in Cyber. Nice, no?

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