Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saying Goodbye..

is never easy... 

And although my goodbye was happy : " So okay, thanks for coming, have fun in Malaysia, nyeheheh" 

I felt -- sad. 

God, I'm going to miss these ppl. 

Running down the escalator, and then looking back at everyone - was amazing. Mesmerizing. If I had to keep a picturebook of memories, snapshots in life that meant something - that moment right there would be one of it. 

( and the entire journey from Malaysia to Suvarnabhumi I was giving myself a pretty hard time - for not taking a REAL picture )  

It was a skip-a-heartbeat moment - watching almost all the special people who meant something to me - stand in a line at the departure bay, looking down - and saying bye. 

For a split second there, I very quite nearly cried. 

But then I had a plane to catch, and an adventure ahead. 

A great big one. 

Still, I wish I had one more wave, one more hug.. 

I guess at the end of it, more than anything, more meaningful, more needful than anything is the people that are dear to you, and people who care - friends and family. 

And no matter where you are on earth, and where you go - it means nothing without the people you love. 

I never thought I'd see the day I'd say this, not so soon anyway. But here I am, 2 hours away from home and all I can think of is how much I'm going to miss those ppl. 

I miss home.. already! 

- (Starbucks, Suvarnabhumi Airport | Flight stop-over ) - 


eechia said...

wish i was there in the airport! take care, girl...
gonna misss youuuu..

weeliem said...

i missed the chance to go to the airport:(

.:mysh:. said...

eechia - it's okay, thanks for calling anyways.

weeliem - it's alright. The Nano's been a bomb. :) Thanks soo much. I am still figuring out how to load/unload music into it properly tho. It's so simple I dont' know how to use it - Gosh I feel old!