Thursday, January 15, 2009


So Liz said today : "Somethings only experience and age can teach you."

And it's true. I guess I always knew that. 
Like when I started my job 2 years ago, I had all the head knowledge and all the eagerness, but I was dearth of any experience, and I was still - young. (er )

The two years gave me experience aplenty, and I certainly got older. ( wiser? I don't know ) - but oh yea, there were the too-hard to handle moments, there were the great surreal ones, the pretty ones, and the boring ones where you're just waiting for time to pass so you get older ( and more experienced ) and also the emo ones where you feel like time is going to fast and you're not doing enough. ( ahhh, the pains and thrills of the 20something year old )

Over at the ship we get to hang around with a whole big bunch of 'young(er)' people. The amount of 17-20 year olds here are so many, it's not funny. Most come straight out of highschool, from countries where a gap year or two is the fashionable thing to do. Only the Asians have to rough it out at uni ( + work ) before finally jumping, or so I've observed. 

So yea, it's been a huge test of patience. I think when someone asked me yesterday what were my challenges, a main part of them, at this point - is dealing with the younger ones. I know, I know I was once there, and was probably a lot more uninitiated. Still. Sometimes you think : "Why on earth would they ever think that?" or "Why would she ever say such a thing?" or .. 
heh. And then you realize that they're still 'earlier-on' in their journey, and there's still much for them to see and learn, and they should be given the chance to grow according to their time. 

It is frustrating. 
And I think it's part of 'growing-up', for me. 

For now, tonight if I hear another whiney teenager who thinks they-ah-so-cool I might just start throwing sock-balls at them. 


sam said...

ah, sock-balls? heh... hope u're laerning good stuff there anyways :-)

weeliem said...

the bliss of the young-er :P

I bet people in their 30s are also saying that of us 20-something-ers:p

hope ur holding up well:)

auds said...

i SO feel you!! haha. and i'm supposed to be working in youth development. have 2 young(er) ones here at office. sock balls sound so tempting.

the only consolation is, they're so darn cute at times. gives you a glimpse of lost innocence.

learning to cope.

.:mysh:. said...

sam - yea, we have lots here. Cold.

weeliem - bliss? yea maybe they are. yea, who am i kidding- they prolly are. but they're young man. although -- i have seen some others and things are looking brighter for the "younger ones". there is hope yet! I'm holding up okay... you?

auds - i don't know about cute. haha. Cute is like when a little person says something funny. Cute is when someone wears something weird and still look adorable.

I dunno man. We'll see if i can find some cute here, heh. I find the older uncles and aunties here 'cute'r .

learning to cope. :)