Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tying the Knot

And what after all is marriage?
It is saying, "I will do this. I will press on. Not only when it is picture perfect, but especially when it is not.
For better or for worse, in sickness and in health,
I will hold your hand. I will be there."

“I will do this.
Because I love you. “

Hand in hand and heart to heart
Growing up and growing old together.
It doesn't matter if we don't know everything,
We can learn it together. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get it right the first time
We can always try again, together.

For always.

Game Over?
No, this is just the beginning.

A new life, together.

Two hearts that will now beat as one.
Two songs that were meant to be sung together.
Two frayed ropes, knotted in God’s love and grace.
One beautiful masterpiece in the making.
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tan Chee Kah.
Love and Best Wishes from across the oceans. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hide and seek Sunshine

When I said it was sunny yesterday, I really meant sunny.

This is what it looked like today -- and apparently, what we need to expect as norm.

Foggy weather makes you less bouncy and schlowww.

Yesterday was a good day.
I miss the sunshine.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Netherland's Subang Jaya

Out at sea

Sunny blue skies, after so long.. Beeeautiful! :)


The Netherlands is a very flat sort of country. That riggady line at the front is the town we're going into.

Manoeuvering at the berth. VERY tight spot. Just fitting for the ship, end to end. We had to do side-ways parking.

As customary, crew members come out with their flags and cheer and shout and wave to anyone at the port. Usually we have a good nice welcome of people who know about the ship. Today, it was just people who were puzzled about this big ship suddenly parked in their landscape. And that just adds to our excitement, really.

And we're here!


p/s : I had to post these pictures out because they were just too beautiful. Yayy for good weather, yayy for Lumix. We hardly ever get weather like this, or pictures like this. I think this will be a good port. I can feel it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The World Missions Advocate

There he was, supposedly 70 years of age. 
In his trademark world-map jacket, and 'gopher' on tow - this time a tall-ish guy. Hand. 

He walked in with a breeze. 
Even in that simple act - of walking - you could feel his energy. 
And throughout the prayer night, this dynamite of a person put the rest of us 'much-younger' people to shame with his zest, energy and passion. 
While 18 and 19 year olds were struggling to stay awake, this man was almost jumping around with his 'inflatable globe' telling us about the troubles in Pakistan, in Mumbai, in Darfur - everywhere. 

Asking us to pray along. To pray to pray to pray. 

He was a man of passion. And he was sure of his mission. His words were urgent, and if you're on a mission to share hope with ALL the world, I guess you'd better be. 
But he also had compassion. And a good sense of humour. 

And while half the ship's company didn't even know about the movie Slumdog Millionaire, he was glad it highlighted somewhat the life of the Dalit people in India - where his heart really is. An answered prayer. 

This guy was as passionate as he was present. As hopeful as he was compassionate.

And he made special mention about IFES, an organization that has very deeply shaped my faith in Christ as well, through my involvement during my uni years.  

This was a fine example of how every person in this ship, in this organization should be like. 
And it better be, since he founded this organization 48 years ago, currently with 5400 people working over 110 countries. 

Today I am inspired. 
Today I met George Verwer. 


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Here's the story, morning glory

You guys are smart. 
Or experienced.
Or both. 

SO they really ARE celery stalks. 

But here's the story. 

So I work in the galley now. The galley is the ship's kitchen. 
It's big. We have 3 walk in fridges and we prepare something like 1500 meals a day, everyday. 

We arrived in Holland on a Wednesday morning, and people were bringing in tulips ( like, you cannot get more Holland than that ) and I was thinking that it'll be really nice to get flowers, like real life tulips. (  before this I've only ever seen plastic ones - when I actually DID see real ones it took me quite a while (and a lot of touching & sniffing ) to realise that they were actually real and not plastic. *pffbt* )
So I remember saying, when we 'landed' on Holland land keyside : "God, I'd like some flowers please, thankyouverymuch."

The next day I was working in the galley, yes? And my job for the afternoon was to cut lots and lots of celery. 
Like two pans of this. (600cc each ) 

A lot. 

But then as I was cutting I slowly realised that the remaining-to-be-thrown-away stalks looked like roses. It was amazing! 

It was much more amazing when I realised after awhile that I have 'received' my bouquet of flowers, one day after I had 'asked' for it - No, not in a typical way, not quite what I had hoped for - this was better, waaaaaay better. :) 

Gawkingly beautiful, no? I had to stand there for a very long time. In awe. At this. 

Interestingly, the Head Chef decided to cook the celery stalks differently this time by way of 'baking'. 
Not a good idea. 
They didn't turn out, I think they had to be thrown away. 
It was a sad waste, and all that work!.

But then - heh, maybe this time it was just for that bouquet. :)

owh, and it was hard for me to cut some bits of the celery. 
These bits :

If you have an imagination akin to those who spend a lot of 'quality' time with veggies and fruits, you would realise that these particular stalks look very much like the wooden figurines with a head and hands praising. 

I was supposed to cut exactly at the 'neck' area, thus beheading this 'worshipping stalks'. It was hard. 

Okay, here's the local Celery Church Choir : 

I beheaded them soon after. 
Ah, cruelty. I know.
what was I to do? 
The green thing behind them? Chopping board. 

So what have we learnt today?
1) God's a real Gentleman and He gives amazing gifts.
2) Celery is not only good for you, it's beautiful too ( took me awhile to appreciate this green thing though)
3) Michelle spends a loooot of time in the kitchen, but she'll soon master the art of kitchzadry. :)