Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gravity and fluff

As much as I love to travel, feel the wind on my back, walk with a spring in each step, live with little - i hate it.

Let me explain.

I hate the fact that all my good books are in boxes and all my good clothes are in bags.
I feel like I don't really see them anymore and what good is a good book in box in a corner in a room, where no one can read it?

I hate not being able to find my stuff at speed, or sometimes even forgetting i own something just because they're all compartmentalized, packed up in nice little boxes and bags.

So yes, ms michelle ding sue yean, you're in quite a predicament.

You like to have a 'settled down' space, where you know where things are.
And yet, the other part of you wants to be carried with the wind, in the wind - to wherever that leads, you don't really care.

And both are two parts of the same body, two hands - pulling and tugging at each end.

God, how do I do this?