Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gravity and fluff

As much as I love to travel, feel the wind on my back, walk with a spring in each step, live with little - i hate it.

Let me explain.

I hate the fact that all my good books are in boxes and all my good clothes are in bags.
I feel like I don't really see them anymore and what good is a good book in box in a corner in a room, where no one can read it?

I hate not being able to find my stuff at speed, or sometimes even forgetting i own something just because they're all compartmentalized, packed up in nice little boxes and bags.

So yes, ms michelle ding sue yean, you're in quite a predicament.

You like to have a 'settled down' space, where you know where things are.
And yet, the other part of you wants to be carried with the wind, in the wind - to wherever that leads, you don't really care.

And both are two parts of the same body, two hands - pulling and tugging at each end.

God, how do I do this?


weeliem said...

you can...
buy a caravan/motorhome:)
then u can drive around the world, and still have that space to call your own:)

seriously, think about it:)

Anonymous said...

"I, too, have ropes around my neck. I have them to this day, pulling me this way and that, the nooses tightening, commanding, choose, choose. I buck, I snort, I whinny, I rear, I kick. Ropes, I do not choose between you. Lassoes, lariats, I choose neither of you, and both. Do you hear? I refuse to choose..."-Salman Rushdie

Gim And Steph said...

Just sign up for as a Club Med crew. But you need to polish up on that multi lingual thing, and I don't mean Malay or Chinese. But with your previous travel exposure, its not too difficult as compared to regular cubicle rat folks like us.

And that motorhome thing - doesn't really work in real life Wee Liem. Vehicle documentations, insurance, driving permits, spare parts and support etc etc. Unless you are just talking about driving to Thailand / Singapore. Vietnam does not allow right hand drive cars on the road. And Cambodia...well it's Cambodia...There are people who have done those stuff before. Usually with great assistance from local government and embassies and they need about 1 year to plan.

Gim And Steph said...
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