Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On perception.

In the spirit of blogging emails, here's another one :


i have a good question for you to ponder on.
do you think we are responsible on how other people perceives us..? or are those who are forming an opinion on us also equally responsible on how they perceive us?

mich :

"We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are." - Anais Nin.

I think both sides are responsible. But there's a third side - what OTHER people say as well - the media, or other friends' thoughts - we change our perceptions based on these things that are inputted into us as well.

You said it yourself - No two people perceive the same way towards the same person. This is true. Everyone takes in data and process it differently than the other.

But still - I think, the way we perceive things or people is perhaps more largely to do with who we are, rather than who they are.



-beascuits- said...

*nods in agreement*

i think this is very true.

thank you.

Home Food said...

There are 3 sides of a that you know, another that I know the third side is the truth. Perception is influenced by situation too apart from being who we are. Very cute post.