Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Netherland's Subang Jaya

Out at sea

Sunny blue skies, after so long.. Beeeautiful! :)


The Netherlands is a very flat sort of country. That riggady line at the front is the town we're going into.

Manoeuvering at the berth. VERY tight spot. Just fitting for the ship, end to end. We had to do side-ways parking.

As customary, crew members come out with their flags and cheer and shout and wave to anyone at the port. Usually we have a good nice welcome of people who know about the ship. Today, it was just people who were puzzled about this big ship suddenly parked in their landscape. And that just adds to our excitement, really.

And we're here!


p/s : I had to post these pictures out because they were just too beautiful. Yayy for good weather, yayy for Lumix. We hardly ever get weather like this, or pictures like this. I think this will be a good port. I can feel it.


gim said...

Erm what's the link with Subang Jaya?

.:mysh:. said...

Owh, Scheveningen is a suburb of Den Haag, which is like the administrative capital of The Netherlands. So, Schevy is kinda like Subang Jaya, in relation to Putrajaya. Or at least that's what I've been told a few times.

.anna.begins. said...

Eh. The skies are filled with streaks! So nice *grin*

.:mysh:. said...

.anna.begins. - yeallor. nice streaky white-on-blue sky. And today, I saw a rainbow! But since here it's not-as humid, I saw a 'smudge' of a rainbow, just a small patch - but it was a rainbow alright. :) Malaysia has lots more. Look out for it - it's a brilliant reminder.