Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hide and seek Sunshine

When I said it was sunny yesterday, I really meant sunny.

This is what it looked like today -- and apparently, what we need to expect as norm.

Foggy weather makes you less bouncy and schlowww.

Yesterday was a good day.
I miss the sunshine.


auds said...

you ARE that sunshine.
just be.

weeliem said...

that's a stark contrast:)
how's it going?

Passionista said...

Now it looks like KL!

.:mysh:. said...

auds - awww, thank you. sometimes I don't feel that sunshiney. But okay, thanks for reminder that we can be syiok-sendiri and be our own sunshine. That sure will help. And you too :) Today was sunshiney and nice. I think spring is coming. yay.

weeliem - yes it is. It's better now. Two sunshine days in a row. I prayed, He gave. ( got to go out into town today in perfect weather ) ah, I feel like singing the Sunday school song, "Tuhan sangat baik, Hallelujah!" =)

Passionista - Yea, just that - it's FOG, not HAZE. I still catch myself saying 'Haze' here, but then I realise that it's not dust but rather cold air-water.