Tuesday, January 6, 2009

5731miles to HOPE

and when I got to Copenhagen, this was the face that greeted me :)
and this was the face of the brother-of-the-face that greeted me :
Our wonderful left-side drive chariot :

The gangway up the ship :

The Cabin ( well, actually what was on the cabin door ) :

The bunk :

The welcoming gifts :

And 'Survival Kit' :

thoughtfully given by fellow Malaysians on board. :)

and that, was my first two hours in Denmark.


maelstrom said...


.:mysh:. said...

ya man. I'm Michele now. ( getting that fixed today..). and sometimes they call me Sue Yean, or Ding. hmm. My roommate's Danielle. She's from Northern Ireland (!) - Belfast, but we both have 'le french names. ;)

.:mysh:. said...
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eechia said...

looks sooooo niceeee!

weeliem said...

what are the odds for an irish roomie:) heh.
i think 'Ding' would leave a longer lasting impression for a name:P

.:mysh:. said...

eechia - Yea it is, I can't believe I've only been here for a bout 10 days and yet I feel as if I've gone through emotional cycles high low nothing hyper drained. Apparently, one year of ship life is like 3 years in the 'real world'. Sure feels like it.

weeliem - hm, yaaa. I'm getting used to the Irish accent. ( although.. this one's not thaaaaat 'kau' ). Ding is just the funny name. Maybe I should call myself "Dingers". hhaha. ( btw, I just found out, that Dinger means : "a thing outstanding of its kind" ) waayy cool. Something ALL Dings should know!