Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh joy!

I can't believe we never did this growing up!
I had my first 'class' today, and this I tell you, Swing is so definitely the new 'Schwang!" =)

Look at how much fun these guys are having:

And these people, are just crazy :

You can take
lessons here :

and no it's not just for the old. With stunts like that ( see Video#1, #2 and #3), only strong energetic young people can do it mon.. 

And swing-or-not, this advertisement is just too-cute :

Ship people need something to do for fun, to work-out - for community building. There're other stuff like HipHop, Gumboot dancing, Origami, Clowning, Fire-spinning, Sign Language - whatever you want. They're called Passion Groups. And if they get enough passionate team members, they get to do performances during events - to welcome visitors, which the ship has lots of. 



hoyden said...

on those lonely days when i'm home alone, I actually used to scour YouTube for Swing 101 and Lindy Hop lessons and dance my blues away. :)

.:mysh:. said...

ah cool! :) It's so happy, no? We should have Swing party sometime. yayy! =)

fatphang said...

too much fun!
and can claire danes be any less beautiful?? *oogles*

Girl said...

ahhh I did swing in Canada! =) =)
I was horrible at the steps but my strange man partner was a very very good lead dancer =)
So I actually felt really good dancing. For the first time ever.

sam said...

boyfriend trousers? lol... :-)

.:mysh:. said...

fatphang - i knowwwwwwww

Girl - whoah, girl! :) heh. but i can tell you just from the way you write. Yea, i knoww -- it's a thing where all you need is a really good lead male. You don't really need to do much else but flow. and yesh, i know what you mean by the "feeling really good dancing" I so want to bring this back but then it's always the guys that need to know the steps. Still, Schwing!

sam - yea man. ahha. :)

.:mysh:. said...
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