Monday, February 2, 2009

August Rush

"music is all around, all you have to do is listen."

we just watched the movie and it's beautiful.
it's the kind of movie that lifts up your spirits, and gives hope. :)
sometimes in the mess and confusion of our existence, it's good to dream a little, to hope, and to listen to the music that is life.
i recommend it. highly. :)


mystic said...

i watched this movie and im totally in love with the OST. good choice ;)

.:mysh:. said...

mystic - aye. The OST is good. :)

hoyden said...

i teared at the end. haha.
and the kid is sooooo adorable

weeliem said...

I've been hearing bout this movie....been trying to download it...but the download is not mooooving:(

.:mysh:. said...

hoyden - i was in awe. I think it's the music. The part where he picks up the guitar for the first time and whacks the music out of it is hair-raising. yea, kid is cute in a blurrish sure-ish kinda way, heh.

weeliem - it's about music, and guitars - quite a few really good guitars are featured there, and -- there's a rockstar as well, now how bout that? ;) borrow!