Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello everyone,

Greetings from the ILM (OM Internatinional Leaders Meeting) in Brazil. Here at the meetings we are following the developments surrounding the launch of Logos Hope closely. We rejoice with the announcement that preparations are going ahead for the ship to leave tomorrow.

I want to ask you, as a fellow OM'er, that as/when the ship sets sail use every opportunity to start calling your donors, you church, former workers, etc., to tell them "Logos Hope is sailing!" What a moment to rejoice and thank the Lord. If you are not in a position to call, send all your key contacts and supporters an email notifying them of the launch and ... THANKING also them for their prayers, support, help if appropriate!!

Please direct them to the site for a live tracker and a link to the 4 webcams that are active on board.
The communications team has prepared a press release which will be mailed out as soon as the ships sails. You can also send that as an attachment.

Your brother in Christ,
Hans van Baaren

So this is the link to check our sailing schedule : Click!

it's funny how yesterday, this was how it looked like :

and this morning :
Gothenburg was gone! We really didn't expect to go at 10am this morning.

but now, see for yourself. :) heh.

Expect the unexpected.
Excitement is in the air around the ship. Everyone's all nerves and laughter and hugs and anticipation.
( of course there are the usual "Thomas"s who need to see us leave dock before they will believe - and sometimes we need those sort ) , but I'm happy and excited and this will be a first time sailing and going into Sweden and God has answered 3 of my heartfelt prayers in 3 days and I'm glad that He's so big but still cares about the littlest of things.

It's a faith journey.

And God never fails. He is good all the time, even in times we don't yet understand.

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