Monday, February 2, 2009

Friends in the journey

Sometimes we run after our dreams,
and sometimes our dreams
find us.

Sometimes we stumble upon them, and they knock us off our 'chairs'.
We suddenly find an immense passion inside of us that we wonder how we'd ever live without it. 

Maybe it's like falling in love. 

Some people find it in politics, most in music, yet others traverse the world for the perfect shot, and for one particular person I've grown to love : it's photojournalism.  :)

This post is dedicated to that person, and also to the "chasing of our passions, living our dreams."

While I was "jumping" and finding myself ( it's a very bizarre feeling)  travelling across continents to a land I've only before this seen on postcards and TV, and finally made 'home' in a floating ship with 350 people from 40 different countries -- 
this person also had adventures of her own. Getting handpicked to attend a big photography festival, winning an award there, and finally - being featured in one of my favourite ( and i think best ) Malaysian magazines - it's been an amazing journey ( that I believe is just starting! ). We started talking because of the magazine anyway so it's been good to watch the things that have transpired over the past year & a half?  Divine appointments, oh how I love them! :) 

But more important for us, and many more young-ish adults like us - is the 'task' that looms ahead, the stories that need to be heard, the story that needs to be told. I believe ( with all my heart ) that our purpose in life is to be good stewards of the time, talent, treasure, and people that has been placed in our lives. If you think about it - none of those things are infinite, or constant. And it's up to you at any moment, to make the most and the best of what you have. 

And this story NEEDS to be told. If only to make us look beyond ourselves, to be thankful of what we have - and to realize that there's still so much that's lacking - and so much more need in the world. 

I have been to Cambodia once, back in 2005, and everytime I think about the place, I cry inside. It was my first ever trip out of Malaysia and it definitely set "things in perspective". It is a land that's still suffering heavily from its past, and you can almost feel the heaviness in the air. 
At least I did. 

So do get yourself a copy of the February issue of OffTheEdge. Read the article, "War,Food, Tourism" by Yong Yen Nie. At all good newsstands. Only RM6, it'll be worth every cent. I wish I could get me a copy here but everything's in a language I don't understand. @-@
I'll try attach the article here as well. Click! 

Thank you, Yen Nie, you're an inspiration. 
And definitely a great friend to have 'on the journey'.
Thanks for letting me be a part of it too. I'm so proud of you! :) 

To chasing our passions, living our dreams. 
To good stewardship. 
To fellow pilgrims in this thing called life. 

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