Tuesday, February 17, 2009

P for Patience

A computer that's running on not-enough-RAM.
Teenagers who think they-ah-so-cool ( and are whiney ).
Cleaning up huge kitchen tools (with a lot of small crevices ) that were never made to be cleaned up after.

They all have the same name.
She's called Patience.
And she gets on me nerves.

But I guess that's why she hovers over.
And that's also why if when you win her over, it's a half of godliness.
"Kesabaran itu separuh iman"

And Patience, together with Persistance, make a perfect pair.

A pair that I'm always doing the slow-dance with. No, this won't be your regular Swing dance partner.

But with the help of Persistance, i will Prevail.
And then maybe I can have a little bit more of that "God" stuff.

I've named many different things patience before.
My first desktop PC at the job I used to work in.
Some people I used to work with.
And as of this morning, Nilfisk the ship galley's Cheese&Ham slicer has now been christened the new Patience.

"Gimme a P!"

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