Friday, February 27, 2009

6am coffee and cups and dishwashing liquid

My least favourite chore in all of chores is probably washing dishes.

When I was younger I used to be exempted because of a hand skin condition.
Happy was I since I never really liked doing it anyway.

It's interesting then that when I joined the ship, I was assigned to the Galley, and more specifically, the Pantry.

What happens in the Pantry?
We wash cups dishes etc all day long EVERYDAY.

We're talking about 1200 each per day. And they never stop, cos they're like cups and plates - people need to keep using them. I think in my time there I've washed like millions.

And so you wake up 6am in the morning to this :

In case you're wondering - no, it's not easy to wake up to do this.
And yes, the hours are long. Or it feels long.

8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Two shifts. 6am - 2pm / 1pm - 8pm

It takes a lot to run a ship.
And to feed the ship community - takes a lot too.

So our time IS pretty packed. We work full time on real jobs that keep the ship + ministry running, and then we also have all the extra activities like church and prayer meetings and devotion and street evangelism and youth conferences and visits to drug rehabs and shelters for homeless people and etc.

We have a designated 5 work day, 1 ministry day and 1 Off day. But most workdays, we have night time activities as well.

Which probably explains why I had been in Koge for more than a month, but have only really gone off ship less than 10 times?

But it's fine - it's been such a humbling,learning experience. And I've learnt how much I am not a fan of routine jobs. ( but more of that in another post ) . And if my two weeks as a DEEP volunteer on the Doulos has taught me how to make a toilet spick and span, the time here will definitely teach me about the washing of dishes, and the cutting of vegetables.

Yes, after about a month of washing plates, I got to move on to cutting vegetables ( and cheese and meat )

But again, more on that, in the next post!
( it's really late at night and i maybe shouldn't be doing this )

Just thought it would be good to let you in on my 'day job' here. :)


Note : The 'Galley' is what you call a ship's kitchen.


fatphang said...

i heard it gets easier if u don't look at the clock, heh

Kes said...

I think u need a hug. Here's one *hug* =) Take care there. Still praying for u guys