Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's like

Being an expectant family, waiting for a baby to be born.

Every beep every sound, we're not sure.
We keep getting false alarms, and good news when the sun's shining, not-so-good news when it's not.

But today, just 10mins ago - a miraculous breakthrough has happened.
Until this morning we didn't expect to sail tmr, as planned. A lot of things still needed to be done. Papers!~
But it has just been announced that through some divine intervention, what would've normally taken 2weeks or more to settle, has been settled, and ready for collection this afternoon.

And if all goes well, we'll sail tmr!

Tomorrow! into Sweden!

Oh joy. I'm excited i'm excited i'm excited.

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zewt said...

interesting to do.... assuming one is single...