Saturday, February 28, 2009


What is this?



nwcx said...

stalks of celery that look like roses :P

Passionista said...


charis said...

very pretty aloe vera

fatphang said...

celery roses!

.:mysh:. said...

nwcx, Passionista, fatphang - you guys are amazing, how'd you know? =) I would never have guessed it. heh.

charis - yes, you're my sister. I think we never really did have celery at home - not a Ding family popular dish. Aloe vera would've been more likely there. :) It's celery. and it' oh-so-pretty.. ;)

Passionista said...

I heart celery.
I also stomach celery.

Celery trivia:

It takes more calories to eat a portion of celery than there are calories in that portion.

Negative-calorie food!

Don't know if that's an urban legend...


What's the story behind the celery roses?