Monday, July 6, 2009

Plugging back in..

is hard.

especially when you're having breakfast when you're supposed to be going to bed, and going to bed when it's dinner time.

not to mention you keep waking up at odd hours cos your body can't well understand what timezone you're in, it just feels iffy.

ah, plus the sudden rise in temperature, yo.

And then you miss the people and life you've been so used to.

And you think about all the things you had wanted to do but then you didn't cos time went by too quickly in the last lap.

And then you want to write a proper update and summary, and tie things up together - but the thunderstorm just had to fry your Macbook - and so you're limbless. Or at least you feel that way.

And then everyone's asking you what's next when in truth, you really don't know.

You feel like you want to be in movement, but you wonder where?



Malcolm said...

welcome home mich. You will need the air-cond more these days =)

Malcolm said...

It is just so warm!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Yes it's hard but worry not. This is normal. You will keep up with the current life and you will surely know what is the next step and where you will be... it's gonna take a little bit time only :) And I'm sure you will be doing just fine. Keep up the spirit.

p.s. Welcome home...

-beascuits- said...