Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Time.

sharon lime says: (6:50:04 PM)which part of the sea is u at

sharon lime says: (6:50:07 PM)and what does the clock show

Michelle says: (6:50:50 PM)i am at copenhagen

Michelle says: (6:50:53 PM)i am OFF sea

Michelle says: (6:51:19 PM)it be showing 1250 on the wall but 1150 on my watch but 1850 on my computer

sharon lime says: (6:51:32 PM)so what be it mean

sharon lime says: (6:51:36 PM)what time is it actually haha

Michelle says: (6:51:38 PM)it be mean  - time is relative

Michelle says: (6:51:41 PM)it is the wall that is right

sharon lime says: (6:51:47 PM)1251

Michelle says: (6:51:49 PM)the watch is my yesterday self

Michelle says: (6:51:53 PM)the comptuer is my malaysia self

sharon lime says: (6:52:00 PM)so exciting right

sharon lime says: (6:53:17 PM)what is a yesterday self

Michelle says: (6:53:27 PM)a yesterday self is my self yesterday

Michelle says: (6:53:30 PM)in another country

Michelle says: (6:53:37 PM)"the past is a foreign country"

Michelle says: (6:53:42 PM)but really, i was in another country

Michelle says: (6:54:08 PM)you keep travelling through time and space and then the sun goes up and down at weird hours and then you're chatting with people from all over with different times

Michelle says: (6:54:15 PM)time just becomes something bouncy. 

i like. :) i thought this was a neat conversation.
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p/s : let it be known that it's not that our english is retarded or anything but we is speeking the BFG-ish. From the Roald Dahl book. We learnt it growing up. That's why we turned up quirky. ( well sharon's more quirky :p but we is liking quirky very much! ) 

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babe you're home. :)