Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Week

So it's been one week since I got back to the Motherland.

My body has been reacting, ( well, staging protests, more like ) to the change in temperature and yada-yada.

We caught the flu bug.

which really is, somewhat expected, considering the 15 (or so ) degrees change in temperature in justabout 20 hours.
And the funky timezone thing.

but getting the flu right now is just NOT cool.
especially not when everyone's so touchy about it.

See flu these days is not just flu, it's extremely important to know WHAT sort of flu.
ESPECIALLY when you : (1) Ada simptom Flu (2) Baru balik dari UK.

So I've been stuck at home. Self-quarantine. Civic responsibility. ( having the flu, feeling blue..) - Really, it's true - the whole-flu-bug-stuck-at-home-ness does a lot to make things less -- colourful, more ---dreary )

Having to wait for the bloodtest results :

( and missing the Mac )

But yayy, I'm okay. :)
It's just (a) flu, not the celebrity sort.
And I already feeel much better. Life can go on again. :)
I'm just glad I'm not growing a beard. ( hey when your body decides to throw tantrums, who can tell? )

swine flew.



Anonymous said...

AND pigs can fly! w00t...

weeliem said...

get well soon:)
sorry, nothing to cheer u up with.
hmmm count pigs instead of sheep.

Philip said...

Get well soon Ding-Ding. Greetings from Vienna!