Thursday, June 4, 2009


So I've been getting a lot of little notes saying I don't do enough updating. 
Guilty as charged. *weak smile*

And I do feel it tugging at me, everyday.
But the internet has been a pain the last few ports.
Thankfully, that has improved since Cardiff.
A whole lot of things have actually - even the weather.
The saving sun. 
The sunshine is lifting everybody's spirits to record high. 
I'm going out for lunch and dinner on the grass almost everyday -- and it only becomes dark at about 10 at night so that is VERY cool. :) 

Just to get me in the updating mode again, I have decided to a set of "A Picture A Day" for the next 10days. 

Here goes today's picture of the day :

But of course it had to be something to do with HOPE.
... and my on-going fascination with cool tee-shirt statements, not forgetting my innate ability to walk up to almost-strangers with the daunting statement question : "Cool tshirt, can I, uh, take a picture of it?" ( insert wide eyed innocent no-i-am-not-a-serial-killer-freak-person smile )  "Uh, not you -- just the tshirt." "You sure?" "Yes thank you very much" Snap snap. :)

I was at ART vs MUSIC - a fundraising event in town where artschool students auctioned their work to raise funds for a ministry called REVIVE. It was good, I had much fun - but more importantly I was inspired to do something similiar back home. Reminds me of a conversation I once had with Kester. Maybe it's time we dig up some of our old wild ideas and bring them to reality. Could be should be fun. :)

And if anything else -- there's always a Hopetimist hanging out inside of me waiting to come out. Always

And I'm glad. :) 

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