Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hope Floats on the English Channel, Michelle thinks while waiting for Pie to Bake

So this will be my last sailing journey. 
And I have finally finally gotten sea legs!

I don't feel the ship moving. 
Granted, the English Channel is probably a lot smoother than the other seas we've been through.

I threw up on the voyage from Dublin - Cardiff. My first time. ( and that right after I tried taking the pill for the first time. )

"Boss, I just vomited for the very first time on a voyage."


But then it seems I have 'gained' tolerance because of that inside-out incident.
I'm totally a-okay on this journey.
I can even read, write, type and not feel anything - which is a lot. 

So yayy :)
This'll certainly come in handy. 
Maybe I can try reading in a moving vehicle next. That I could not do that has always irritated me; all that 'travelling time' reading potential.. ( i travel quite a bit, so - that's a huge chunk of time there.. ;) )

Anyhoo, in other news, our ship caught fire yesterday. 
To be exact, toilet paper caught fire. Rolls and rolls of toilet paper.
It was a smoky affair, and could've been very very dangerous. We were all quarantined to a deck for almost 3 hours or so? 
One of the biggest fears for ship is fire. So, it was quite a biggie. 


I was cool as a cucumber the entire way. 
I don't know what to feel about that.
I find my lack of fearful response sometimes disturbing. 
But at the same time - I guess it also springs from the fact that I think I do not fear death. 
No, not anymore.
Like, before the whole perforated appendicitis thing - I wasn't ready. Nosiree, definitely not. 
Maybe then I feared it a lot more. 
But thereafter I've been living everyday with the thought that it could very well be my last. 
I wake up everymorning with my first thoughts being :" Good morning Lord, I'm alive! Thank you."

And everyday you have - another shot, another chance - what a gift! :)
And everyday you wake up still - it means you still have something you need to do. Your life still has some sort of purpose that needs to be unfolded. I believe that. 

These days I try not to have very many things 'hanging'. 
Especially not at this point of life. I mean, I don't even know what'll be when I get back home. 

6 months at a time. One day at a time. 
One day at a time is all it takes. 
And really, if you think about it - that's all we have for sure. 


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weeliem said...

u shud try the reading in a moving vehicle thingy once u get on land:)

thanks for the inspiring post. sometimes, we take for granted we have forever to live. a day at a time:)